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Providing web development, security, telecoms, photography and videography services to
the businesses of the South West and further.


Voice over Internet Protocol is the future of phone systems. Instead of having a physical phone system in your office instead it’s all hosted in the cloud. This offers advantages such as high resilience, phones located in different areas or even countries and cost savings.


We have a range of phones available from suppliers such as Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink and more.

Soft Client

Receive calls on the go like your in the office. With our soft client app for android and apple, you have all the features of a hardware phone with the benefit of it also syncing with your mobile phone contacts.


A hosted VoIP phone system gives you all the professional features you need. 

Auto Attendant / IVR

Give your customers the choice to get to the correct department. With an auto-attendant, your customers receive a professional greeting and options to press the keypad to get the correct staff members they require.

Hunt Groups

Manage how your staff members receive their phones calls whether it be in a particular order or everybody’s phone ringing at the same time.


Don’t miss an opportunity just because of your busy or closed. Our voicemail allows you to leave a professional greeting and then any messages are delivered straight to your email inbox.

Advanced Routing

Not all businesses are the normal 9-5 , our advanced call routing allows you to manage where and when your calls are delivered to the minute.

Music On Hold

When your customer is on hold you have the perfect opportunity to remind them of the services and products you offer as well as any special offers.

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